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A good photograph begins with a connection.

I have a special gift for connecting with people. I view life through a different lens than most and I like to shoot in a way that makes you look at things differently.

My first paying gig as a portrait photographer was while I was still in college. I was a Portrait Photographer for Sears! More recently, my portrait of Fabulous Fiona! hung in the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz as part of the See, Be Seen Exhibit in 2018. My photographs have been published locally in Edible Monterey Bay Magazine, GoodTimes and the Santa Cruz Record.

In addition to being an accomplished photographer, I am also an award-winning Graphic Designer with over 25 years of experience. I entered the graphic design profession before Macs, back when a light table, X-Acto knife and a waxer were common tools of the trade. This allowed me the opportunity to build a strong foundation for my career in design.

Over the past 30 years, the majority of my work has been with publications: weeklies, monthlies, catalogs, etc., but my work is not limited to publications. I have designed many display advertisements, logos, business cards, invitations, street banners, wedding programs, a cookbook, trade show booths, street light banners and more.

Looking for a First Friday artist to host in Santa Cruz? I am now available.

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Graphic Design



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Santa Cruz, California
+1 831 999 0709


A passionate and professional photographer.

— Suzanne Thomas
This Tiny Ocean


Jules has a great eye for beauty in everyday life.

— Elizabeth Gummere
Repechage Group, Inc.


Jules’s photos are ones you want to reshare!

— Susan Cannon


Jules has a great eye and many have been appreciating the headshots she has provided for social media use. Additionally, her photos around Santa Cruz are really capturing the feel of the city!

— Darren Odden
Darren by Design


Smithsonian Magazine Photograph of the Day: September 26, 2020


Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 2.01.51 PM.png

Jules, you are a jewel!

— Scott McGilvray
Water for Santa Cruz County



I felt a real connection to Mr. Wayne Andrew. In the video he was straightforward – I appreciated someone who clearly said, “We need help.” A beautiful area – glad to see the graphic showing where Micronesia is located.

— Donor
OneReef GlobalGiving Video



Jules has such an eye. Think how the world enriches her more than the rest of us. What a beautiful set of photos. [Referring to the photographs currently hanging at NextSpace Santa Cruz.]

— Joy Gwaltney
White Stone, Virginia



These are amazing shots… so much better than I was anticipating! You did an awesome job, making it difficult for me to choose! But that’s a good problem to have.

— Deborah Luhrman
Editor and Publisher
Edible Monterey Bay



Congrats on all the wonderful photos you shot for the Good Times Food & Drink Guide. I love the one you did at Tabitha’s place.

— Deborah Luhrman
Editor and Publisher
Edible Monterey Bay



Thanks so much, Jules, for the best public photo I’ve ever had. A true pleasure meeting you.

— Patrice Keet
Executive Director
Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery




Such a talent, yet so humble and kind, Jules puts you instantly at ease with her caring and calm nature. I’d worried about feeling awkward or silly posing for photos but time flew and the candid and elegant pictures that resulted are so genuine and interesting I am delighted with the outcome!! Jules certainly notices things in a special way, whether textures, colors or details other miss! It makes for the most remarkable shots that will pleasantly surprise you without fail every time! She cares deeply about everything she does and everyone she meets!

— Fiona Dewar
Santa Cruz, California





Jules did a photoshoot for me for my brand. I chose her because she has a fantastic eye and knows how to get the most flattering shot! She makes everyone feel at ease and is super easy to work with!

— Jenny Campbell
Tula Bikini





Jules is AMAZING!!! WE loved the headshots she did for us and our team. Not only does she get the perfect shot but she made all of us super comfortable and we all really enjoyed the process. Jules also did a great job taking pictures of our event. We can’t recommend her enough!

— Matthew Swinnerton
Event Santa Cruz





Jules was able to capture a range of dynamic, compelling professional headshots for my consulting business. I’ve since been asked, “Wow, who did your photography?” and have happily referred them to Jules. It really made a difference on my site, in proposals and for digital avatars.

— Kate Rose
Kate Rose Communications





Jules Holdsworth has a unique eye and a gift for capturing light and shadow on digital photographic equipment. My artwork is by nature, difficult to capture ‘on film’ and she has done more with her cell phone than other pros have done with big expensive equipment. I use her exclusively now to image my metal art and it’s the best money I spend. My portfolio is my living, and Jules has almost singlehandedly made it stunning. Additionally, she is a social media genius with an incredibly diverse package of tech skills. I welcome calls on her behalf, she’s really that good.

— Edward Martinez III



I’ve worked with Jules on several web, print, and event projects. She has abundant creativity, a great eye for detail with layout and photography, savant-level proof reading, and a great work ethic.

— Erik Gillberg
Santa Cruz, California


You are better at being me than I am!

— Karl Motey
San Jose, California
(social media client)


Jules is a fantastic photographer, designer, and creative person. When asked to help with taking personal photos she surpassed expectations and I highly recommend her as a person and artist.

— Eric H. Nelson
Santa Cruz, California


It’s refreshing to bring on a new client and find that your direct connection to the project is someone like Julie. Great designer, flexible, open to new ideas and always working to make the product better.

— John Jenkins
Contact formerly at Print Innovators
printers of the Southside Sentinel

Julie pours her heart into her designs and it shows in the final products! She’s very receptive to ideas and hints that will improve the results of the printed product — she’s extremely knowledgeable yet always willing to listen and learn more. She has taught us a thing or two as well! Thank you, Julie, for unlocking the renaming secret of Adobe Bridge!

— Jacqui Caine
Contact formerly at Print Innovators
printers of the Southside Sentinel

Julie was an exceptional employee at the Northumberland Echo. Her expertise and dedication were crucial to the success of that newspaper. Her skills with Adobe and eye for design were extraordinary.

— Steve Weddle
Director of Administration
at Virginia Press Association

Julie is a very talented artist and photographer. She always seems to catch the unexpected. Over the years since I attended college with her, I’ve continued to be impressed with her growing knowledge of graphic layouts and ability to organize complex electronic and print projects. She has made many suggestions for my own business logos and website design.

John Battista

Julie was a great colleague and mentor to me at my first graphic design gig; a magazine publication designer. She went out of her way to ‘show me the ropes,’ and I learned from her daily example of being efficient, thorough, and deadline oriented.

Matthew McIntosh
National Marine Sanctuaries

Julie is an excellent graphic designer with an eye to detail. She was prompt in designing my newspaper layouts during her employment at International Medical News Group, and readily responded to any changes I requested or challenges I presented her. She also designed innovative graphics. Julie was a pleasure to work with, and I enthusiastically recommend her.

— Catherine Nellist
Editor, Pediatric News and Ob.Gyn. News
at Frontline Medical News
(formerly International Medical News Group)

Julie is awesome! She is a wonderfully creative designer and pays close attention to detail. Julie is deadline driven and design focused, with a witty edge to all of her work. Her interpersonal skills are excellent and she was a pleasure to work with at Education Week.

— Krista Nicholson Platt
Platt Creative